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6 Dec

Qatayef is an Arabic dessert made from a simple dough batter. It is prepared on holidays. And specially on Eid el Berbara. And it is similar and cooked like pancakes. Filled with either cream, Ashta, and served with sugar syrup (Qater), or a mixture of walnuts, sugar and orange blossom water, this one could also be deep-fried.

We made a batch at home, this past weekend, and filled them with Ashta and a mixture of walnuts. The cooked doughs were so delicious, I ate few plain qatayef, without any filling. Since I love doughs, I couldn’t just look at them and fill them, I had to eat few pieces. So delicious…they were fluffy, light and soft.

Preparing the batter is so easy, and takes no time. And cooking the Qatayef is a fun thing to do.

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