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Fruits from our garden

4 Oct

It is amazing how Nature can be so generous, so wonderful when it comes to giving us what we need to continue breathing and growing, and to improve our lifestyle. I cherish every moment spent in nature, every beautiful scene, every breeze, every sunlight, every tree. Ohh, how I love trees!. How I love the small cedar I planted in our home garden 3 years ago and that is growing splendidly.

It is the sweetest persimmon I have ever taste... so delicious...

We’ve been spending almost every weekend in the village. And lately, I’ve been feeling a little more nostalgic and emotional when it comes to my home village, especially when the weekend ends and we have to go back to our routinely daily life in the city. I think, these emotions are a result to the major life change that’s gonna occur in my life, hopefully, soon. Yes, I said hopefully, because it’s the kind of shift that we need, to experience more opportunities, more potentials in our life.

That what leaves me with a tear in my eye, every time I leave my home village. Is it a fear of not returning there for a long period of time, or is it something else, well I’m not sure!!

Looks like jewels, their sourish, sweet taste combined is so delicious, I just can't have enough.

A crowned fruit...!!

Fall is here. And our days spent at the village are almost over. Winter days are a bit harsh there. Some seasonal fruits, persimmon, pomegranates, are ripened now. So I took the advantage to take some pictures and share them with you in this post. No recipes, just photos. Hope you enjoy them.


Figs & Prickly Pears

3 Aug

These two summer fruits are my favourite. Figs and Prickly pears. The most awaited seasonal fruits to me. I enjoy having them on breakfast, they are fresh, cold and sweet specially the white figs, which I love more than the red ones. And they both are extremely healthy.

I impatiently wait for the begining of the season, end of July, to enjoy the first bites. I also love going to the bushes, holding a basket in my hand, and picking the figs. The very ripe figs are sun-dried for few days and are eaten on winter, cold days. They are very delicious.

I haven’t tried baking figs in desserts because I enjoy eating them plain, since the season is short. But I was thinking of an easy recipe where I can use the very ripe, soft figs (teein in arabic), that can be very sweet. I’ll search for a recipe and if any of you have one easy recipe please share it with me.

The prickly pears (sobeir in arabic) are best eaten plain and cold. Maybe it adds a delicious flavor if mixed in a smoothie. The fruit is full of small round pips that need to be swallow and not chewed, because sometimes they stick to the teeth. For that reason some people do not eat the prickly pears.

I posted below few pictures of how to peel a prickly pear. The skin of the prickly pears are full of spines, so you must be very careful. Before peeling and cutting them, they need to be washed and cleaned very good so you get rid of the spines, my dad rub them in the soil to remove the spines off the skin before starting.

First step, hold the fruit with a big tweezer and cut both edges.

Cut the skin from the center

Take the skin off the fruit, holding one side with a knife.

Hold the other side with your finger, remove the fruit off the skin and put them in a bowl to be refrigerated.

Two containers of peeled and unpeeled prickly pears

Since we’re talking about seasonal fruits, I’m gonna share with you in this post a couple of photos of a yellow watermelon, that my dad planted in our small garden, and that is quite phenomenal and unique to us, since we’re used to the red watermelons. Probably this yellow watermelon is common abroad, but not in Lebanon, here we can’t find this kind in the markets.

My uncle bought the seeds last summer without knowing that they belong to yellow watermelons. And when we opened a ripe one, we were so surprised and delightful, we have never saw such beautiful, bright color.