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Persimmon, Banana Smoothie

11 Oct

I like to start my day with something refreshing like a smoothie to boost my energy. So I mixed one banana with one persimmon (without the skin) and the juice of half an orange.

It is sweet, smooth, refreshing drink. Hope you like it.


Orange poppy seed cakes

27 May

When i first posted about the lemon poppy seed cakes i said i wanted to try it with orange juice instead of lemon, because i like orange taste in sweets. And bescause lemon has a strong taste in cakes.

Tomorrow we have a farewell gathering at the Greek class, it is the end of the year. They asked from each one of us to prepare something, salty or sweet. So there’s nothing better than an individual cupcake. And since i have made the Lemon poppy seed cakes found in Cannelle et Vanille  and it was delicious, everyone liked it; i said i’d give it a try with a small change, the orange instead of the lemon.

I couldn’t not eat a cupcake since i have to know if the recipe was successful or not. Well, of course, it is an excuse… and I don’t even need a reason to taste my bakings, do I???

The cake was so delicious, so yummmiiiiii but i couldn’t eat more than one. It is not appropriate or nice to serve an incomplete plate!!

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