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Lemon Cake

23 Jun

As I said in a previous post, my husband planned for a dinner gathering with his collegues and he asked me to prepare two cakes for dessert. It was my pleasure, of course, to bake these two cakes. I enjoy baking. Whenever there is a gathering, I try to prepare something sweet.

This lemon cake is extremely refreshing, tangy, sourish. It has a strong, sharp, lemony flavor. The texture is soft and rich. It’s a new thing for me to eat lemony cakes or tarts. I wasn’t used to its sourness. I like to try different recipes of one cake to see which one is the best.

The feedbacks of my husband’s collegues about this lemon cake were positive. They liked it and I liked it alot. It has a distinctive taste. It is delicious.

I found the recipe on the foodnetwork and it is Courtesy of STAR olive oil.

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Lemon poppy seed cakes

10 May

look how moist it is...

I love poppy seeds in desserts. It has a unique taste, so while reading one of my favourite food blogs Cannelle et Vanille i found this recipe and wanted to give it a try…  

The result was great… even though i used whole wheat flour, i was afraid that the cakes won’t be fluffy enough but the texture was satisfying…

I was also afraid that the olive oil would give a strong taste to the cakes but no, they were just perfect. They had a strong lemony taste…. that we’re not used to in desserts but after couple of days eating it you find it delicious.

Next time i’ll make this recipe i’ll try to put orange juice instead of lemon, i think it also suits alot the poppy seeds.

Check out the pictures and give the recipe a try. Thank you Aran. Thank you Cannelle et Vanille.

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