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Eid St Mama

25 Sep

Like every year, celebrations take place in Deirmimas on the occasion of Saint Mama’s holiday and the Cross’s holiday. Masses are held at the ” Deir” the Convent situated on a hill and facing the mountain and the litani river. Villagers meet, talk and gather over a nice array of food that  many housewives have prepared. I have done few batches of maacroun.

There was also an exhibition of food preserves and artisanat, also prepared by the villagers. there were different kind of preserves: jams of different fruits, fruit preserves such as eggplant, quince, squash…. honey (I bought one, very delicious)… orange blossom water, rose water, pomegranate mollasses.




Happy Easter To Everyone!

8 Apr

Wishing A Happy New Year!

1 Jan

I wish a Happy New Year to all of you. May 2012 brings peaceful mind, happiness, good health. A better year than 2011. And hope you celebrated your evening with good laughters, good company and of course yummi food.

I could’nt not think of a better dessert to celebrate the begining of a New Year than a Tiramisu, with the hope of a new year that would be as sweet and beautiful as the tiramisu. My best dessert, ever.     

Happy New 2012!!!

Merry Christmas & Cherries Bûche de Noël

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope this holiday brings Joy, Peace & Serenity to you all.

Wish you enjoyed your evening, celedrated it with your beloved ones. Enjoyed the food, the gathering, the laughters, the talks and the gifts.

 I also enjoyed preparing all the food, baking, and dressing. I enjoyed preparing the bûche de noël , with cherries filling. As well as the guests enjoyed tasting it. I also did the almond filling bûche.

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21 Apr

Maamoul with dates, pistachios and walnuts

Happy Easter. Joyeuses Pâques. Buona Pasqua.

 I love this time of year, I love all the holidays. Easter has a great meaning to us. So to celebrate this holiday, we bake maamoul. An excellent Lebanese sweet. An unbeatable, irresistible dessert for me.

Both shapes dates maamoul, made with a mold or with a tool

Those bite-sized treats made out of semolina and filled with different mixtures. Either dates paste, pistachios or walnuts. Helping with molding and unmolding is a very amusing thing to do.

Dates Maamoul

Pistachios maamouls designed by hand

Usually when I treat myself with a maamoul, I never stop at one only. I have to eat one of each kind, and that is a small problem since I have to watch my waistline. Trying to resist those maamouls is quite hard for me. Un délice. Usually wooden shaped molds are used for maamouls but we use another tool to design it by hand, the one pictured below.

The tool we use to design the maamouls

What I love the most, other than eating those maamouls, is the smell of the house when baking. It is one of the greatest, beautiful cooking smells. It is very hard for me to explain how scrumptious, mouthwatering, agreeable smell it is.

Walnuts maamouls

Making maamoul requires some patience and time. It has different steps to follow, prepare the dough and let it rest for overnight, grind the nuts and slightly cook the date paste.


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7 Mar

This Lebanese dessert is prepared at home one week before Easter fasting. It is our tradition, as well as my relatives’. It’s a way to end enjoying sweets and eating meaty and dairy products such as butter. It is a mediterranean dessert, also known in Turkey, Egypt.

There is another Lebanese dessert also called Knefeh, usually eaten at breakfast but it is very different from this one. It is made of semolina and topped with melted cheese, all coated with sugar syrup, eaten with a kind of bread, which I love alot, so incredibly delicious.

But Our Knefeh is made out of thin vermicelli-like dough filled with a mixture of pistachios or walnuts, sugar, orange blossom water and rose water, rolled up and baked.

The method of doing these threads consists of drizzling a row of thin streams of flour-and-water batter onto a turning hot plate, so they dry into threads, which are collected into skeins. I like to call it “hair”.

At our village, long time ago, housewives used to prepare these dough threads at home; my grandmother used to do it, as my father told us. I admire that alot. Imagine homemade dough, plus they used pure, fine margarine, which gives an amazing taste, as my parents tell us.

Nowadays, these hair-noodles are store-bought. And they are just delicious.

So I helped mom preparing the recipe, it’s a very easy dessert to make.

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Chocolate Sweet Hearts

13 Feb

I just wanna wish you all a Happy Valentine. Those cookies are extremely delicious, rich and chocolatey. I love them tender and soft; how do you like your cookie, soft or crunchy?!

A great way to express your love...

Also, for this holiday, I love to offer sweets I have baked, as gifts to my beloved one.


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Awwamat Or Crisp Doughnut Balls

6 Jan

Today is the Epiphany. For the Eastern Christians, it is the holiday where we celebrate the baptisim of Jesus in the Jordan river. Our tradition involves, on the Epiphany Eve,  in addition to the preparation of different desserts, to knead a small piece of dough, place one or two coins in the middle, fold the edges onto the coin and leave it either in the closet, or outside the balcony, so that when Jesus “passes by” on that night, he blesses the dough to more prosperous time.

I await this time of year impatiently, why, because I love the desserts we make. At home, we prepare zalebieh, maacroun, and awwamat, in arabic it means floaters, because they float when fried and when soaked in the sugar syrup. It’s a fried small doughs, ball- shaped, made with few ingredients, flour, water, yeast and mahlab; then dipped in Qater while still hot so they absorb the syrup well. I love their sweet softness. So delicious, that the whole batch was over in just one day.

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Happy New Year / My First Macarons

31 Dec

I’m saying goodbye to the year 2010 by baking and more baking. On Chirstmas Eve, I got as a gift from my hubby, a scale. A beautiful scale that could end my counting and measuring difficulties in the kitchen. So… the first thing that came up to my mind is trying to do some macarons. French macarons. I have a desire to bake the perfect macaron. And I’ve been going through different foodblogs where I found recipes and beautiful amazing pictures about macarons. I read alot about it. I read on MyTartelette a complete tutorial on macarons, I liked it, it was very helpful. But as they say, Practice makes Perfect.

So I followed the instructions and measurements and the result wasn’t at all like the macarons I see on many nice foodblogs. Mine were feetless, a little bit runny when piping, had some cracks on the sides and they expanded after baking. They tasted good, I liked the strong taste of almonds. I’m not saying that I’m satisfied with these unperfect macarons, but I can say that I’m happy to have tried them. I’m sure the next many times I bake macarons, they will be better until I’m completely satisfied.

Few more hours and 2011 begins. 2010 was a fine year, in which I started my blog. I want to wish everyone a beautiful year where you can fulfill your dreams, feel joy inside your heart, be healthy, take few risks and be adventurous without writing down any New Year Resolutions that could limit us and force us to accomplish them.

Enjoy your night, eat good food, stay safe and I’ll see you next year!!!

Bûche De Noël With Almond Cream Filling

25 Dec

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Buon Natale.

I love this holiday, I love what glorious feelings Christmas can give us. There are feeling of hoping, of loving others, of sharing with others, of helping, of thinking of others. I love the family gathering on Christmas Eve, the joy that brings to our hearts, the fact that all the family members are close to each others. There’s no such feeling than the feeling of being with the family on holy and merry occasions.

Usually we don’t buy from stores a bûche de Noël. So I stayed home this past thursday baking, all day long and night, I was up till 1h30 am, icing the spiced cookies and decorating them the buttons sweets, which I loved alot, baking and filling ( and at the same time, doing the dishes of all these baked stuff too) two cakes, one mocha chocolate roulade  and an almond filling roulade. We prefer to make desserts at home, a thing we’re pretty sure of is that we know what are the ingredients, what kinds we are using, what we are putting inside the cakes and the most important is that our cakes are not too buttery, as the store-bought cakes. This bûche de Noël is so delicious, as everyone said. I love it because it’s light, fluffy and has a nutty flavor. The toasted almonds give a great beautiful taste to the cream. I’m so delighted having baked all these good sweets, cookies, spiced cookies, chocolate clusters, mocha chocolate bûche de Noël and this Bûche de Noël with almond cream filling. Loved all the baking I did, worth the fatigue.

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