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Blueberry Muffins

29 Jan

When you’re home on a Saturday evening, it’s cold outside, snowing and you feel warm and cosy to stay home, what would you do? I, personally think of cooking a meal or baking something sweet. The heated oven, the good smell that enrich the house. We had some blueberries, so I thought, instead of eating them plain, which is also very delicious, I try them in a baked sweet. I looked up the net and found that amazing recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart’s website. The muffins turned out having the exact fluffiness and tenderness I wanted them to be. I adapted a little bit the recipe, which calls for a certain topping or just a sprinkle of sugar and mace; I opted for the sprinkle to which I added some cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg instead of the mace. And that sprinkle gave a certain crust to the muffin which was perfect, delicious and added a flavour to the blueberries. Try it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or an infusion of fresh ginger, cinnamon stick and anise seeds.

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Cinnamon Cookies

4 Feb

ImageWhenever we feel like weak or down, or lost and everything seems blurry, uncertain, wondering why this or that has happened to us, well, at the end of each dark tunnel, there’s a dim light, waving for us, to reach, and through our path, we might stumble or fall but with each downfall we rise higher. As my friend Loulou said, there’s always hope, in each corner of our path. This is what makes us, strong, ambitious persons. Here’s to new beginnings… this sweet spicy cookie…

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Apple Pie

25 Nov

I have always wanted to bake desserts with apples and specially an apple tart. But I kept postponing it since dealing with doughs is quite challenging and I don’t usually cook with it, even though I love eating doughs alot, and breads. But this time, I said I’m gonna do it. Of course, after some “sticky-fingers” moments, I succeeded to form a nice dough.

I enjoyed alot preparing this apple pie. And I’m gonna try other recipes with apples and cinnamon. I love cinnamon alot. I add it to a cup of tea, sprinkle it on top of pancakes with honey.

I enjoyed baking and eating this apple pie, it is delicious, has simple ingredients, and distinct flavors.

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Butternut Squash bread

26 Nov

This squash is been sitting on the floor for a while now. It should be in the kitchen, being cooked and baked. Cutting a squash or a pumpkin is very hard, it needs very strong hands, a guy should take this role. I used a quarter of it and the rest is reserved in the fridge for this weekend, I’ll help my mom preparing another sweet.

The relative who brought us this squash told us it was a pumpkin, but its shape, as I searched for on the internet, is different than the pumpkin. Am I right?

This morning, I had a piece of the cake for breakfast with a cup of black coffee. Perfect. It was soft, tender, sweet and has a strong cinnamon flavor. I love cinnamon.

As the original recipe, pumkpin bread, calls for pumpkin, I’m wondering if the pumpkin would have gave a different taste to the cake, and would have balanced the cinnamon flavor.

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Pear Cake

4 Sep

A relative gave me a cake book she has and that she’s not using anymore, since she knows my passion for baking. The other night we were invited at her house, so I decided to choose a recipe from that book and surprise her. I chose to use pears because it’s still the season, and because the cake contains cinnamon, and me love cinnamon, specially added on the pancakes with some drizzled honey.

Pear Cake

– 4 pears, peeled and cored

– 2 tbsp water

– 200g flour

– 2 tsp baking powder

– 100 g brown sugar

– 4 tbsp milk

– 2 tbsp honey

– 2 tsp ground cinnamon

– 2 egg whites

Preheat the oven at 150C and grease a 20 cm cake tin. Put 1 pear in a food processor with the water and blend until smooth. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Sieve the flour and baking powder. Beat in the sugar, milk, honey, cinnamon. Mix well. Chop 2 pears and add to the mixture.

Whisk the egg whites until peaks form, and gently fold into the mixture till blended.

Slice the remaining pear and arrange the slices on the base tin. Spoon the cake in the tin and bake for 45- 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.

Let the cake cool for 10 minutes before unmolding and let cool completely on a wire rack.


Whole Wheat Flour & Oatmeal Pancakes

10 May

These days the best breakfast i could have is pancakes with a cup of black coffee. I’ve been preparing pancakes every week-end for several months and this time i decided to post some pictures. Before we used all-purpose flour, but lately we’re opting to whole wheat flour and this last time i ground some oats to add some more flavors and fibers to our meal.

The topping i like is to drizzle some honey over the pancakes and then sprinkle ground cinnamon…. yummi the best ever…   and aside you sip a cup of black coffee… the best combination…

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