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Merry Christmas Everyone

25 Dec

I wish a happy holidays for everyone and hope this Christmas and 2014 bring peace of mind, joy and good health.

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Merry Christmas To Everyone

25 Dec

Hope this Christmas brings joy, peace of mind and good health to everyone. Our Christmas Eve’ was smooth, cool, and beautiful. As every year, I prepare the dessert. The bûche de Noêl. And some chocolate truffles. All was very good and delicious.

Chocolate Bûche with Mascarpone cherries filling

Chocolate  Bûche with Chestnut cream filling

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Merry Christmas & Cherries Bûche de Noël

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope this holiday brings Joy, Peace & Serenity to you all.

Wish you enjoyed your evening, celedrated it with your beloved ones. Enjoyed the food, the gathering, the laughters, the talks and the gifts.

 I also enjoyed preparing all the food, baking, and dressing. I enjoyed preparing the bûche de noël , with cherries filling. As well as the guests enjoyed tasting it. I also did the almond filling bûche.

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Truffles & Happy Holidays

22 Dec

I love that time of year. Christmas time is the best time celebrated, of the year. With all the preparations, the food and sweets bakings, the gifts shopping. It’s a magical time. Spend time with all the family, parents, sister, husband, aunts, cousins, uncle…. it is my favourite gathering. The meaning of Christmas is all around. At homes, in the streets, in schools, in the stores… in the spirits…. Hope these holidays bring  joy and peace to our hearts.

For me, Christmas couldn’t pass by without some bakings. Last week I did some gingerbread cookies. And Last night I prepared some chocolate truffles with Tia Maria, and this morning coated them with cocoa powder. And of course, the favourite dessert at christmas is the bûche de Noêl. I’m making two different yule logs tomorrow. Of course, I’ll be posting about it.

For the truffles, I chopped 100 g dark chocolate (70%), and poured over 100 ml boiled cream, let it set for 30 seconds, added 1/2 teaspoon Tia Maria ( of course, you can add the liqueur you want) and stired until all the chocolate is melted. Let cool completely before refrigerating. The next day, I spooned some of the batter between my palms and made small balls then rolled them on a parchement paper sprinkled with cocoa powder. Until all the truffles are well coated with cocoa. Put in a container and refrigerate till serving. Enjoy.

Bûche De Noël With Almond Cream Filling

25 Dec

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Buon Natale.

I love this holiday, I love what glorious feelings Christmas can give us. There are feeling of hoping, of loving others, of sharing with others, of helping, of thinking of others. I love the family gathering on Christmas Eve, the joy that brings to our hearts, the fact that all the family members are close to each others. There’s no such feeling than the feeling of being with the family on holy and merry occasions.

Usually we don’t buy from stores a bûche de Noël. So I stayed home this past thursday baking, all day long and night, I was up till 1h30 am, icing the spiced cookies and decorating them the buttons sweets, which I loved alot, baking and filling ( and at the same time, doing the dishes of all these baked stuff too) two cakes, one mocha chocolate roulade  and an almond filling roulade. We prefer to make desserts at home, a thing we’re pretty sure of is that we know what are the ingredients, what kinds we are using, what we are putting inside the cakes and the most important is that our cakes are not too buttery, as the store-bought cakes. This bûche de Noël is so delicious, as everyone said. I love it because it’s light, fluffy and has a nutty flavor. The toasted almonds give a great beautiful taste to the cream. I’m so delighted having baked all these good sweets, cookies, spiced cookies, chocolate clusters, mocha chocolate bûche de Noël and this Bûche de Noël with almond cream filling. Loved all the baking I did, worth the fatigue.

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Bûche De Noël/ Mocha Chocolate Roulade

25 Dec

Merry Christmas.Joyeux Noël. Buon Natale.

Hope this christmas brings to everyone, peace, joy, love, good health, prosperity. Hope Christmas Eve was a blissful night to everyone, and that you enjoyed it to the maximum, I know I did. Our night was full of great company, great relatives, great talks, great laughs, great food. And I was full from the begining of the evening. The table was full, of every kind of food, cheeses, hams, stuffed doughs, home-made pizzas, hummus and baba ghanouj dipping, fried meat(kebbe)… and the desserts, there was the ones I prepared, cookies, chocolate clusters and two bûches de noël.

As I mentioned before, I prepared different kinds of desserts, and I wanted to end the baking this week with the prestigious dessert, a Bûche De Noël. I made two bûches. In this post I will write about the one I chose from a magazine, Olive, the Mocha Chocolate Roulade.

The bûche was a success, everyone loved it and it was abit different, not buttery, strong chocolate and coffee flavors, soft and moist than the store-bought bûches. It was so delicious. I was very happy baking this roulade.

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Spiced & Iced Christmas Cookies

24 Dec

Happy Holidays. Enjoy your Christmas Eve.

I love baking, and specially when there’s a special occasion. My favourite occasion, Christmas. I already prepared different kinds of chocolate clusters and some cookies . I found this recipe of cinnamon and spices cookies, in a magazine, GoodFood, and since I love cinnamon, I wanted to give it a try.

I enjoyed alot icing the cookies and decorating them with some colored candies. The kids will love them, I know I did.

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Christmas Chocolate Clusters

22 Dec

Happy Holidays.

The Christmas baking is continuing. Yesterday I prepared some chocolate clusters, some with almonds and Rice Krispies, others with dried figs and pecans. They are delicious. The combination between the nuts and dried fruits is great, coated with dark chocolate, so yummiiiiii. I also liked to sprinkle some cocoa powder over, a touch of magic.

I love this kind of sweets, small, bite-size, cute to nibble and very easy to make, and they are presentable to give to guests. Tonight I’m making also chocolate clusters with toasted hazelnuts.

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Christmas Cookies

21 Dec

Happy Holidays.

I have started my Christmas baking. It is a busy week, the kitchen full of chocolate, sugar, butter, recipes and books. Yesterday I made a batch of sugar cookies with orange zest. It’s a simple recipe and delicious. I love to have different kind of sweets displayed on the table, on Christmas eve, after we have ate our dinner. Everyone will chose whatever he or she likes even though our stomachs are full of appetizers, wine, meat and salads, and I like my eyes to enjoy the beautiful desserts’ shapes and colors .

This cookies recipe is my mom’s. Simple ingredients, simple flavors. I decided this time to make some thumbprints shapes and I added a little orange jam. For others, I added some pine nuts to the cookie dough.

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Two Birthdays

13 Dec

It is the holidays, I love Christmas time. Full of joy. Two birthdays and three desserts. Few days ago was my nephew’s 4th birthday and two days ago my birthday. I wanted to do the classic tiramisu, which I love the most, it is my favourite dessert.

The two others cakes I found in the magazine Taste Italia, December/Christmas issue.  I have chosen these cakes because they weren’t classic, they had nice ingredients and their pictures in the magazine were so mouth-watering.

The first cake was a semolina cake with orange syrup. I liked the cake; every bite was full of orange flavor.

 The other cake was an almond chocolate cake with ricotta filling. It was a rich, dense, moist cake. My sister liked it alot.

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