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A New Journey Is About To Begin..

31 Jul

A new journey is about to begin, a new destination, a new adventure. I don’t know what to feel or think. It’s a package of emotions and feelings. Happiness mixed with sadness, excitement embodied with anxiety, curiosity with fear. Nevertheless departure is part of life, we all have to face it and during the process endure it. I will embrace this new change, this new life, for it will elevate me and make me a better person, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have a new journey, a new challenge or better yet a new adventure. I believe this is my opportunity to do what I wanted to do, what i desired, to achieve what I’ve always dreamed of; or at least try. And I’ve got my husband beside me, a leaning side I can rest on and helping hand I can stretch my hand to. Canada here I come 🙂 …..



Spring in my Village

9 Apr

No need to explain to you how beautiful the nature is in Spring, and specially my beloved village, Deirmimas, which was blossoming, radiant with green views, fragrant with blooming trees… I will let the pictures tell you of the greatness of the Nature.


Perfect fragrance

Perfect fragrance

Green peas from our garden

Green peas from our garden

Physalis, also from our garden

Physalis, also from our garden



green beans, from my uncle's garden

green beans, from my uncle’s garden

for you, Diana...!

for you, Diana…!



Character of a Quartier

1 Apr


Cinnamon Cookies

4 Feb

ImageWhenever we feel like weak or down, or lost and everything seems blurry, uncertain, wondering why this or that has happened to us, well, at the end of each dark tunnel, there’s a dim light, waving for us, to reach, and through our path, we might stumble or fall but with each downfall we rise higher. As my friend Loulou said, there’s always hope, in each corner of our path. This is what makes us, strong, ambitious persons. Here’s to new beginnings… this sweet spicy cookie…

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Merry Christmas To Everyone

25 Dec

Hope this Christmas brings joy, peace of mind and good health to everyone. Our Christmas Eve’ was smooth, cool, and beautiful. As every year, I prepare the dessert. The bĂ»che de NoĂȘl. And some chocolate truffles. All was very good and delicious.

Chocolate Bûche with Mascarpone cherries filling

Chocolate  Bûche with Chestnut cream filling

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Eid St Mama

25 Sep

Like every year, celebrations take place in Deirmimas on the occasion of Saint Mama’s holiday and the Cross’s holiday. Masses are held at the ” Deir” the Convent situated on a hill and facing the mountain and the litani river. Villagers meet, talk and gather over a nice array of food that  many housewives have prepared. I have done few batches of maacroun.

There was also an exhibition of food preserves and artisanat, also prepared by the villagers. there were different kind of preserves: jams of different fruits, fruit preserves such as eggplant, quince, squash…. honey (I bought one, very delicious)… orange blossom water, rose water, pomegranate mollasses.



Shots From Deirmimas

30 Aug



Another Trip to Istanbul

28 May

Again, last week I went to Istanbul, but that time accompanied with my husband. I wanted him to see how beautiful is Istanbul. We visited the touristical and historical sites of course and new ones too, for me. We stayed at Taksim square, walked along the Istiklal street many times, had dinner and lunches there. We visited Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, the amazing palace Dolmabahçe. The Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. We crossed the Bosphorus to the Asian Side. We spent a couple of days in Sultanahmat… in restaurants, cafĂ©s, touring and shopping.

We took the ferry to the Prince’s Islands, reached the last, fourth one and stayed there a couple of hours, had some picnic-lunch by the sea. We rented bicycles and toured the calm, nice streets of the island.

We walked alot. Ate alot. Drank alot of turkish tea. Laughed alot and enjoyed our time . I won’t mind going back to Istanbul one more time. Life seems easy there, people, tourists everywhere, at anytime of the day, at noon or midnight, it’s the same. Whenever you feel down, you can just walk a little or take the tram, few minutes, and you’ll reach the sea. Have a cup of turkish tea and enjoy the sun, the blue sky, the blue sea, the amazing views. I’ll leave you with some pictures. Enjoy as I did.

Old Houses in Deirmimas

10 May

Lebanese Olive Oil Ranked 4th In International German Exhibition

31 Mar

What a pleasure and honour I felt when I read about the 4th rank our Lebanese olive oil took at a contest organised by the German “Biofach 2012” exhibition at Nuremberg, Germany. Specially that this Lebanese olive oil comes from my beloved village, Deirmimas.

 And specially when people approach me about it. What a joy!

Lebanese oil “Mariams Gold” which won, was among the products of 80 of the largest companies in the world, and returns to the lady Anne Fawaz, our neighbour, from my beloved village Deirmimas, in southern Lebanon, who practices organic farming and bio-work to improve the quality of the Lebanese olive oil.

Anne has done a tremendous work by expanding our unique olive oil. We are proud of her and her oil press which is used by most of the villagers and my family.

I’m happy about what she did, because I was eager to make people know about our extraordinary, uncomparable, olive oil. The best taste ever, our crop is the best I have ever tasted.

Here’s the link. Enjoy.