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Montmorency Waterfalls – Québec City

7 Jan

Although the cold was harsh, the sceneries were breathtaking. It’s amazing and wonderful what nature can leave after snowy storms. We enjoyed our trip to the waterfalls and took beautiful pictures. I would also want to see Québec city and Montmorency waterfalls during the summer and autumn, I bet it’s marvelous in a different form.


Some views from Park Mont-Royal.




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

29 Dec

I hope you all have spent a good Christmas, gathered with family and friends, around good food. I have a break from school now so I’m taking the opportunity to bake, and experience what I have learned at school. I have tried different batches of macarons, fruit cakes, raisin bread, jam cookies…. and I can say that the outcome was amazing.

Now my husband and I are going to spend a week in Montreal with some friends, and I have taken some goodies for everyone.

I’ll see you with more posts in 2015. Enjoy your festivities and indulge yourself with good food.

Raspberry & Apricot jam cookies

Raspberry & Apricot jam cookies

Happy Easter Everyone

21 Apr


Today is a great day, may this day bring you joy and a fresh new beginning of sharing and exploring and I want to wish you all a Happy Easter.

In Lebanon we have a tradition that comes along during this miraculous holiday, baking holiday sweets,  “Maamoul” a recipe I have posted a couple of years ago. The difference this year is that, I used to help mom preparing the maamoul, this time I did it myself, of course with the help of my husband in moulding and shaping the maamoul. And they turned out to be just amazing, delicious and easy to prepare. What about you, what did you bake this Easter?

As we were invited for lunch today, I prepared this strawberry tart, since I prefer, and like, the home-made desserts. The crust is more like a crostata with crème patissière. I loved it.

Happy Holidays


Snow in Toronto

9 Mar















DSC_0352 DSC_0355



Blueberry Muffins

29 Jan

When you’re home on a Saturday evening, it’s cold outside, snowing and you feel warm and cosy to stay home, what would you do? I, personally think of cooking a meal or baking something sweet. The heated oven, the good smell that enrich the house. We had some blueberries, so I thought, instead of eating them plain, which is also very delicious, I try them in a baked sweet. I looked up the net and found that amazing recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart’s website. The muffins turned out having the exact fluffiness and tenderness I wanted them to be. I adapted a little bit the recipe, which calls for a certain topping or just a sprinkle of sugar and mace; I opted for the sprinkle to which I added some cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg instead of the mace. And that sprinkle gave a certain crust to the muffin which was perfect, delicious and added a flavour to the blueberries. Try it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or an infusion of fresh ginger, cinnamon stick and anise seeds.

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Beautiful Streets of Montréal

11 Nov

Park Mont-Royal

8 Nov

These pictures are from the Park Mont-Royal, our last day before moving to Toronto. This park is a great escape to relax, and enjoy the Nature, or even jog or walk the dog. I’m going to post another thing about the houses in Montreal, another beauty. I miss Montreal.


La Cornetteria

3 Oct

Mont-Royal Street

If you happen to be in Montréal and you’re looking for an Italian vibe with a touch of sweetness, La Cornetteria, in Little Italy, is your destination.

With a variety of choices, in the beginning I was confused, but then I went for il Cornetto, il Cannoli, and il Cronetto (The new Godfather in town, a mixture between a donut and a croissant). I loved all of them, very delicious and yummii… I advise you to visit that cosy place.


Il Cannoli (in the back)

Il Cronetto

Il Cronetto

La Cornetteria,

6528, Blvd St- Laurent,

Montréal, Québec, H2S

(514) 277-8030

Mont-Tremblant, Québec

25 Sep

Enjoy the trip!!

Hello from Montréal

19 Sep

Here’s to a new beginning, fresh start and a different path.