Blueberry Muffins

21 Jan

What is best than take some time to bake sweets on a saturday. Staying home, mixing and baking. I had some leftovers of frozen blueberries. I have tried some once on the morning of Christmas Day with pancakes. Were delicious. And these muffins are also very yummii. Soft and fluffy. I have mixed 150 g flour, 50 g golden caster sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder with a pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Then mix in 1 beaten egg and 50 ml vegetable oil, and 100 ml milk. Then add the blueberries. Pour the batter into the muffin tins and bake the muffins in a pre-heated 200 C oven for 25 minutes. Cool and enjoy with a cup of hot coffee.



4 Responses to “Blueberry Muffins”

  1. George February 6, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    You should make more muffin, winter is the best time to eat them….soon winter will be over. We need more muffin 🙂

    • Fragolina February 6, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      i would love to make more muffins, maybe ill try new flavors, or do again the blueberries. 🙂

  2. Loulou January 22, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Yummy, I love muffins with coffee or tea on a cold winter morning.

    • Fragolina January 22, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      yes the perfect combination!! 🙂

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