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Merry Christmas & Cherries Bûche de Noël

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope this holiday brings Joy, Peace & Serenity to you all.

Wish you enjoyed your evening, celedrated it with your beloved ones. Enjoyed the food, the gathering, the laughters, the talks and the gifts.

 I also enjoyed preparing all the food, baking, and dressing. I enjoyed preparing the bûche de noël , with cherries filling. As well as the guests enjoyed tasting it. I also did the almond filling bûche.

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Truffles & Happy Holidays

22 Dec

I love that time of year. Christmas time is the best time celebrated, of the year. With all the preparations, the food and sweets bakings, the gifts shopping. It’s a magical time. Spend time with all the family, parents, sister, husband, aunts, cousins, uncle…. it is my favourite gathering. The meaning of Christmas is all around. At homes, in the streets, in schools, in the stores… in the spirits…. Hope these holidays bring  joy and peace to our hearts.

For me, Christmas couldn’t pass by without some bakings. Last week I did some gingerbread cookies. And Last night I prepared some chocolate truffles with Tia Maria, and this morning coated them with cocoa powder. And of course, the favourite dessert at christmas is the bûche de Noêl. I’m making two different yule logs tomorrow. Of course, I’ll be posting about it.

For the truffles, I chopped 100 g dark chocolate (70%), and poured over 100 ml boiled cream, let it set for 30 seconds, added 1/2 teaspoon Tia Maria ( of course, you can add the liqueur you want) and stired until all the chocolate is melted. Let cool completely before refrigerating. The next day, I spooned some of the batter between my palms and made small balls then rolled them on a parchement paper sprinkled with cocoa powder. Until all the truffles are well coated with cocoa. Put in a container and refrigerate till serving. Enjoy.

Orange Cake

7 Dec

Yesterday I was home, so I took the opportunity to use the oranges we got from our tree in the backyard at the village… I’ve been wondering how to enjoy these oranges other than as a drink. I just came up with the recipe, I didn’t open any book or the internet. And it turned out to be a very delicious cake, moist, tender and citrusy. The cake has a strong orange flavour. I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee.

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Pumpkin Soup & Sweets for the Eid el Berbara

5 Dec

What a sweet weekend it was.

 A heart-warming rich, tasty soup is what I crave for in a cold wintery night, with a piece of bread. Last year I have prepared the butternut squash conserves but never tried the pumpkin soup. So this time I chose a nice pumpkin and head to the kitchen. Cooking it was very easy and simple. I found the recipe on one of my favourite food website,

And sunday was a holiday, the feast of Saint Barbara, Eid el berbara, celebrated mostly by children who wear costumes and masks and go knocking on doors to collect candies and sweets.

The best part is the sweets we prepare. Very delicious food. I have prepared Maacroun, the anis-flavoured semolina fried dough soaked in sugar syrup and Qatayef, the pancakes filled with kashta or walnut-almond-sugar mixture. We also boil whole barley topped with nuts and sugar.

Happy Saint Barbara’s day.

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