Quince Pate de fruit

17 Nov


 We had a bag full of quinces, left aside in the kitchen, that my aunt gave us few weeks ago. She has a quince tree next to her house in the village. A quince tree, one of many other fruits trees. 


I told mom that I want to try a new recipe that we didn’t do before, the pate de fruits. I love pate de fruits, I have tasted at some restaurant few flavors, like strawberry. I love the fact that a very small piece of dessert holds such a strong concentrated taste of fruit. And it’s coated with sugar. I love jelly candies.

And we had never tried quinces as pate de fruits. Usually the quince is cooked, in my family, as jam and marmelade.

The recipe calls for quinces, water and sugar and some squeezing. We used an average of 3 kilos,  we cut the fruits into big chunks, put in a large stainless steel pot, without the lid on, covered with water over high heat for almost 1 – 2 hours until the quince are soft. Leave that to cool. Don’t discard the water. Puree the quinces. Then the fruits is put in a cloth and squeezed and squeezed until all the water comes out. Both the water, of the boiling and the squeezed water are put back in the pot with 600 g of sugar, and boiled for at least one hour until the water is reduced to the three quarters and the pink color becomes darker and darker. Stiring with a wooden spoon from time to time. Add a little lemon juice. If you lift the wooden spoon, and the water seems coherent and in some sort sticky then the pate de fruit is ready.

Pour in a non-stick square pan and let it sit for some time to cool down until it has hardened. Cut into small square or whatever shape you like and coat in caster sugar.



2 Responses to “Quince Pate de fruit”

  1. Dimah November 20, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    Looks so pretty and yummy

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