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Cheese Popovers

30 Jul

Emmental & Parmesan Popovers

At this moment, the house smells cheese. A great strong scent that fills the place. Who doesn’t love melted cheese, baked, mixed in a dough? Four ingredients, great combination, cheese, flour, eggs, milk. Well, I do love them!!

Cheese Popovers for cheese lovers. These snacks are the perfect appetizers, specially when you have guests over for dinner or when you’re throwing a party.

Emmental & Parmesan Popovers

But tonight, there’s no party, I’m all by myself right now, waiting for my husband and sister to come. And I’m also waiting to see the look on their faces when they take a bite of the delicious popovers as they pop them in their mouths.

Well, actually, I’m smelling two different smells over the house. The smell of the cheese and the smell of chocolate. Well, I have to confess, it was a baking night. I started by baking a cocoa cake, the one I have posted photos about in the previous post. But with a slight change is that I added some mini marshmallows to the batter before putting the pan in the oven.

I was wondering, since this cake was a successful dessert, how it will taste and look like with marshmallows. Well the result was good, I cutted the cake in small squares and they looked like brownies without loosing the strong chocolatey taste they had. The thing is the cake didn’t rise like it did before. But it’s ok, I don’t mind a fudgey cake.

Let’s get back to the cheese popovers. I used Emmental cheese with some leftover Parmesan. The flavors of these two cheeses combined gave a strong yummi cakes. They were crispy and crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside.

Gorgonzola Popovers

Two weeks ago I did the first popovers with Gorgonzola cheese, this strong sharp blue cheese gave the popovers a sharp delicious taste. Found on the blog How sweet it is.

The two popovers are delicious. I found mixing the cheese with the batter is way better and gives a stronger cheesey taste, than topping the cheese over the poured batter in the moulds. Mixing will make the cheese spread in the cake and you can taste the cheese in every bite you take.

I took the recipe from Martha Stewart website and I changed a bit in the recipe. Instead of putting gruyere cheese, I put emmental, this is what I had on hand. And since I didn’t have gruyere, I thought I’ll give the flavor some push by adding some parmesan, and some ground pepper. And I did half the quantity. With that, it made a dozen.

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Cocoa Yogurt Cake

29 Jul

I always search for a chocolate cake recipe that contains just cocoa without any melted chocolate and that has an rich taste. Well this recipe has all the caracteristics of a rich, dense, chocolatey cake.

Its texture is amazing, it’s fluffy, light, moist and has a strong chocolatey taste. And the best thing is that the batter is ready to enter the oven in maximum 10 minutes. Mixing the ingredients was so simple. And it just needed 30 to 35 minutes baking.

I saw this recipe last week on a tv show for Robin Miller and as soon as the show was over I went into the kitchen and started whisking. Yes, I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, that makes the cake wonderful, except for the buttermilk, because I don’t think we have it in the supermarkets. So I did a slight change and I used instead whole-fat yogurt.

And the result was so delicious, the cake was so perfect, the way I like it.

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Spaghetti Al Pesto

23 Jul

The following recipe is one of the first dishes I have ever prepared. It’s my favourite. I just love basil, its fragrance and taste is great in food. It adds freshness to the dish. It has a strong, sharp flavor and smell that wake up our senses.

This dish is quite easy and quick. It just take few minutes to be ready, you prepare the pesto while the pasta is cooking. I usually prepare more than I can eat, because a small serving is never enough for me. Even if I was full I keep on eating to finish my plate. And I desire more. That is how much I like the spaghetti al pesto.

I used to add pine nuts to the pesto sauce but this time I didn’t have any. So I used walnuts instead. And I have to tell you, the result was so good, even better than the pine nuts flavor. The nutty flavor was so noticeable. So I advice you to try the pesto sauce with walnuts and tell me what do you think about it. So delicious.

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Banana, Melon Smoothie

23 Jul

It has been long, since I did a fruits smoothie for breakfast. Yesterday I had the time, since I was home, I didn’t go to work. So we, my husband and I, took all the time to prepare our yummi breakfast. And this is the kind of breakfast I desire and won’t mind at all to have every morning. 

I just mixed some fruits I happen to have in the fridge, bananas, orange, melons, peach and home-made strawberry jam. The result was extremely delicious. To complete the breakfast, a plate full of pancakes followed the smoothie, along with a cup of black coffee. Yummiii… It is one the perfect breakfasts to me.

Pancakes with strawberry jam

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Our Growing Garden

21 Jul


In a previous post I posted few photos of our garden at the home village. The plants that were growing, the fruits and vegetables that were blooming. They were still little plants and small fruits. Now they’re much bigger and close to be ripened and ready to be eaten.

Big Watermelon

I won’t say much, I’ll just post some pictures and you enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Young corn cobs

A ripe cucumber

A plump cucumber

A cucumber enjoying the sun

A bunch of dried spring onions


A rosemary bush

A close up shot of rosemary

A beautiful basil

Ripe & ripening blackberries on a bush

Red figs, first of the season. Crunchy, sweet & sourish at the same time.

Yummi delicious figs

A huge cucumber, this kind has a lighter green color and differs slightly in taste.

Swami enjoying the nature

Orange Poppy Seed Cake

12 Jul


This is my third time using poppy seeds in sweets. And I’m liking it. I like the unique nutty flavor they give to the cakes. First cakes I did were lemon poppy seeds cakes and they were so delicious. I’m not used to have strong lemon flavors in sweets. So I redid the same recipe but this time with orange zest and juice instead of lemon and they were a huge success.  


My husband asked me to prepare two desserts for a gathering dinner he planned with his collegues. So I prepared one Aish El Saraya and a poppy seed cake. So I searched the web for a new recipe and I found this one on joy of baking but I adapted it to orange zest and juice instead of lemon zest and juice.  



The recipe requires a loaf pan but I used a bundt pan because I love its round shape with a hole in the middle. Using that pan makes the cake ready in less time than the time mentioned in the original recipe.  

These orange zests are beautiful


The cake is amazing, it is fluffy, moist, tender and cute with the little black dots. And it has a unique taste and a delightful crunch.  

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Apricot Jam Tart: my mom’s recipe

10 Jul

I love doughs, I love breads, I love tarts. My mom used to bake tarts on birthdays and I love her tarts, they don’t taste like the ones we buy at stores or at patisseries but they taste like home-made, nice and rich… It’s been long time since she baked a tart. Yesterday was my sister’s birthday so I thought of trying one of those tarts my mom used to do. She gave me her recipe and I did it. It is so easy and quick.

We don’t bake the tart with fresh fruits like apricots, plums, rhubarbs, we didn’t try it. But sometimes, my mom used to make the crème patissière, spread it over the baked tart then top it with fresh strawberries. And another way too she used to take, is to spread some apricot or strawberry jam that she still makes, over the baked tart, then make some fine strips and place them over the jam in a way that we got lozenges shape and then put it back in the oven to become golden.

So this time I took the easy way, the important thing to me was to make the dough first and to be successful. And it was. It was the same tart with the same taste like my mom used to do.

Here’s the recipe,

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Rigatoni With Tuna and Tomatoes

9 Jul

My husband and I love this dish. It’s rich in flavours and hot. A lot of people don’t like canned tuna heated, I don’t know why, maybe because it smells fish, I know it is so delicious combined with the pasta, the tomatoes and a hint of hotness from the red pepper.

I saw this recipe once on a tv show hosted by Jamie Oliver. It takes no time, it’s so easy and yummiiii. You should try it. And tell me what you think.

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Chocolate Cookies

5 Jul

When the week-end approaches and we have a plan of going for a trip to the village, along with the family and having guests over lunch, I always think of some sweets recipes that would be suitable for desserts for a bunch of people, sitting and feeling full from eating all day long.

Cookies and small cakes are the perfect treat. These chocolate cookies are great to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee on a late afternoon, sitting outside the house enjoying the beautiful, scenic nature.

This recipe was so appropriate to be stored since I didn’t have the efforts to prepare and bake the cookies all in the same day. So I prepared the batter on the first night, refrigerated it and on the second evening I rolled them and baked them. It was so easy, no fuss at all.

Here’s the recipe by Olive magazine found on bbcgoodfood. A small hint before listing the ingredients; when the recipe says “press down lightly with your hand”, it means literary lightly and not flatten the cookie because when you do press hardly, after baking, the cookies will get a little bit harder from the edges, but will still be chewy and delicious from inside. For the second batch, I did press lightly and the cookies were much better than the first ones.

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Penne With Tomato, Cream & Basil

1 Jul

Yesterday’s dinner was so delicious, easy and quick. As you know, I love pasta, tomato sauce and basil. And they were all combined in this dish. It was a creamymeal, rich in flavors. We added two more ingredients to the recipe. We sauteed some sliced mushrooms and added them to the tomato-cream sauce. And sprinkle over some grated parmesan.

While my husband was preparing this dish, I was preparing some cookies and madeleines batches for the week-end, despite my flu-sickness begining. Today I stayed home, I didn’t go to work, I needed rest but I could manage to post about this recipe. 

Nothing more to say except it’s a yummiii savoury dish.

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