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Madeleines aux tomates séchées, au mozzarella et au basilic

31 May

These are my first home-made madeleines. I found a book last week about madeleines at “La braderie du livre”, very interesting book, has different kinds of madeleines, salty and sweet. And all simple and easy to make. I liked the book. So I bought it. I love their “coquille”, shell shape, so nice. And to make madeleines we have to have the ” moules à madeleines” so I went and bought one too. I love cooking-shopping.

These madeleines have sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Three yummi delicious ingredients combined in one small cute cake.

They can be served as appetizers or as a side dish for a green salad. I’ll be baking more madeleines later on, sweet and salty too.

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Tagliatelle al Pollo con Funghi: Chicken Tagliatelle with Mushrooms

29 May

We had my sister and her family over lunch today. We promised them once that we’re gonna invite them to eat our special meal. As you will see and read, we eat alot of pasta and mushroom… I love these kind of italian dishes. We won’t mind eating almost everyday some kind of pasta and add to it few mushroom. I would love to make my meals from scratch; starting by the pasta… I find fresh hand-made food, fresh pasta, fresh grated cheeses, fresh vegetables picked from the market or the farm giving the best real taste, and a dish full of nutrients. One day i will start making my own fresh pasta at home using fresh ingredients.

The following recipe is so easy to make. Once you prepare all the ingredients aside, then the rest is simple.

Mmmmm, the best ever is the smell of mushrooms frying in the pan… it’s just great… The mix of smells was surrounding us and it woke up our senses. yummi…

The meal was so satisfying so delicious, we ate till we were full…

We were happy we put the sun-dried tomatoes because they added a unique sweet taste to the meal.

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An easy quick dinner: Mushroom Spaghetti With Sun-dried tomatoes

28 May

Yesterday at night we were a bit tired and hungry. So we were searching for a quick simple and easy meal to make. Our favourite choice would be, spaghetti with mushroom and sprinkle a handful of chopped parsley. So on our way back home we stopped at the supermarket to get some mushrooms and headed home because we were starving.

We’ve been using whole wheat spaghetti for quite some time now because we were opting for adding more fibres and nutrients to our meals.

A thought came up, why not add some sun-dried tomatoes that i soaked in olive oil and bought from Istanbul. It added an extra chewy, sourish, sweet flavor, and we liked it alot. Next time we’ll add some more to the dish, the flavor will be stronger. So i chopped some and added them to the garlic frying in the pan. Then after a couple of minutes i added the mushroom. In the meantime, the pasta was cooking al dente. When all cooked, i tossed them together and sprinkle over a handful of chopped parsley. Et voilà, dinner was served.

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Orange poppy seed cakes

27 May

When i first posted about the lemon poppy seed cakes i said i wanted to try it with orange juice instead of lemon, because i like orange taste in sweets. And bescause lemon has a strong taste in cakes.

Tomorrow we have a farewell gathering at the Greek class, it is the end of the year. They asked from each one of us to prepare something, salty or sweet. So there’s nothing better than an individual cupcake. And since i have made the Lemon poppy seed cakes found in Cannelle et Vanille  and it was delicious, everyone liked it; i said i’d give it a try with a small change, the orange instead of the lemon.

I couldn’t not eat a cupcake since i have to know if the recipe was successful or not. Well, of course, it is an excuse… and I don’t even need a reason to taste my bakings, do I???

The cake was so delicious, so yummmiiiiii but i couldn’t eat more than one. It is not appropriate or nice to serve an incomplete plate!!

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Trip to Istanbul: Food

20 May

I will start this post by telling you about the food market on the asian side, the Anatolian side of Istanbul, located east of Bosphorus. We took the bus from Besiktas to Kadiköy and on the way back we took a ferry. It is a main zone for shopping. This is the first time i’ve been to a food market and i just loved it, so beautiful, shop owners inviting you to come inside their shops. 

A big area with small streets and narrow corners enriched with people, food, shoppers, tourists. It was great, I was so pleased and happy mingling in these streets. 

The shops offer a wide variety of fruits, fresh and dried, vegetables, fish, bakeries. And of course the restaurants, bars and ice cream stands. 

variety of vegetables


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Trip to Istanbul: Bazaars

19 May

Every street you walk in, on each side, you see different kind of restaurants, coffee shops, sweets shops. And all the vitrines are loaded with appetizing food, presented and displayed in a very beautiful way that you must stop and have a look and of course go inside and pick something. It’s mouthwatering.

The two places you have to visit when you go to Istanbul are the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. The streets are loaded with tourists.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest covered markets in the world with 5,000 shops and 60 streets. It is well known for its jewelry, hand-painted ceramics, carpets, embroideries, spices and antique shops. And once you enter the Bazaar, you are lost. You never go out from the same door you get in to the Bazaar. It’s like a labyrinthe there. So exciting. You keep saying, Oooh, look at that, look at this!! Woow.

Hand painted porcelains


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Trip To Istanbul: Sightseeing

18 May

I’m going for a five days trip to Istanbul. I heard it’s a beautiful city with all its historical sites and its delicious food.

I’ll be posting pictures from there, about food, scenes, streets of Istanbul.

Here i am back from a 5 days vacation to Istanbul exhausted from walking all day long yet fascinated by the beauty of the city. The fact that you can see the asian side while being on the european side is amazing. The weather was sunny, just great, clear blue sky. The hotel where we stayed was in Taksim square; it’s a huge square full of people, day and night, buses, cars, noises, restaurants, cafés; Istanbul is full of life, people are so energetic, so alive. 

You just can’t be bored in Istanbul. I just loved it.

The pictures below were taken from the Galata Tower that affords a panoramic view of Istanbul.

Bosphorus Bridge

Topkapi Palace

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Lemon poppy seed cakes

10 May

look how moist it is...

I love poppy seeds in desserts. It has a unique taste, so while reading one of my favourite food blogs Cannelle et Vanille i found this recipe and wanted to give it a try…  

The result was great… even though i used whole wheat flour, i was afraid that the cakes won’t be fluffy enough but the texture was satisfying…

I was also afraid that the olive oil would give a strong taste to the cakes but no, they were just perfect. They had a strong lemony taste…. that we’re not used to in desserts but after couple of days eating it you find it delicious.

Next time i’ll make this recipe i’ll try to put orange juice instead of lemon, i think it also suits alot the poppy seeds.

Check out the pictures and give the recipe a try. Thank you Aran. Thank you Cannelle et Vanille.

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Whole Wheat Flour & Oatmeal Pancakes

10 May

These days the best breakfast i could have is pancakes with a cup of black coffee. I’ve been preparing pancakes every week-end for several months and this time i decided to post some pictures. Before we used all-purpose flour, but lately we’re opting to whole wheat flour and this last time i ground some oats to add some more flavors and fibers to our meal.

The topping i like is to drizzle some honey over the pancakes and then sprinkle ground cinnamon…. yummi the best ever…   and aside you sip a cup of black coffee… the best combination…

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Tahini chocolate cake

6 May

  I like to prepare desserts for birthdays. And it has to be chocolate some where. This is another surprise-dessert i made for my husband’s birthday. I found this recipe on La Tartine Gourmande. I found it interesting to combine tahini and chocolate so i said why not try it.

I used muffins tray because i didn’t have any ramekins or teacups suitable for the oven. i think the cakes would have been more goeey and melted if i have used the proper dishes. But the taste was great, the chocolate was strong and rich. No one was deceived. Everyone was satisfied. So thank you Béa.

so rich & chocolateyy